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About me

My name is Nicholas Gerner. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I started to play with my first computer over a decade ago, creating simple Visual Basic applications with it and swapping its parts like crazy (especially video cards and CPUs), thus making sure that those demanding 3D games continue to run smoothly, using full screen antialiasing (FSAA) and all the other important eye-candy features.

I have got a master's degree in Network Engineering and I work for various companies, helping them solve their network-related problems. I continue to play all sorts of computer games in my spare time, of course.



My main goal at work is to ensure that any computer network is available, secure and offers maximum performance to its users. I work alongside companies' IT support teams, helping them solve problems with their local area networks, servers, wireless networks, wide area networks, and so on.

I design, and then build or upgrade powerful computer networks which help solve business-related problems. I can fix any network-related issues, and then create comprehensive reports that highlight all my conclusions. So, if you need help you know who's here for you ;)